Sex Magick and Ritual Healing

Have you felt called to the erotic and powerful mythology of the witch?

As well as my one on one coaching I am also a long term practitioner of Sex Magick and ritual healing. 

Thanks to centuries of repression, most women have lost their connection to the slutty empowered witch archetype and subsequently forgotten our ability to tap into our sexual energy. But there’s a new generation of witches bringing Sex Magic back into mainstream consciousness and teaching people of all genders and sexualities to harness sexual energy in order to manifest our desires

Through my sessions at Charmed School I teach people of all genders and identities to unlock their inner sexwitch and discover the transformational power of Sex Magick 


Charmed School: Unlock Your Inner Sexwitch

Witches and sluts have a long historical importance within feminism – both words being used as weapons to punish sexually autonomous and empowered women before being reclaimed by women queers and trans folk as forms of personal power. I want to teach you to harness that power, and work with your sexual energy to manifest your goal and desires.

In this workshop we will learn a little about the history of sex magick, help you tap in to your own sexual power and cultivate your personal sex magick rituals to create positive change in your life through orgasmic power.

We will also learn more about
• giving back to yourself when you are overworked and mentally tired
• connecting to your body and getting into tune with your sexuality
• creating self-care rituals to re-ignite and take care of your own sexuality
• using the power of eroticism to harness your strength and manifest your goals
• using your orgasm and sexual energy to create powerful changes in your life

Come live your teen witch fantasies in my queer and trans inclusive Charmed School and unlock the sexwitch within!


What students have to say about Charmed School


I have never been to a workshop involving sex or sexual power before. Even though so far I’ve been on my own wonderful but maybe sometimes a little lonely and confusing journey discovering my sexuality and the power within me. Luckily this led me to your course.

I honestly did not think I was gonna touch myself! But then I just did it and I ended up really enjoying the visualizations, the power it made me feel. I ended up having actually two orgasms while experiencing this extreme energy within myself and focusing on two very clear visualizations of my dream. Thank you

To book Charmed School for your festival, event or local feminist sex store please contact me 

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