What is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological Bodywork is a form of somatic sex education that combines body-oriented sexual coaching and embodiment teaching in a way that aims to empower people to experience greater satisfaction in their solo and partnered intimate lives. In other words – we help people expand their capacity for pleasure, body positivity, intimacy, knowledge and connection and help you become better connected to your body


Some of the activities we use in sexological bodywork include breath work, movement exercises, massage and anatomical mapping to help you better connect to and discover your bodies capacity for pleasure.


In particular we may engage in the following activities

  • Conscious breath work and grounding

  • Anal mapping and massage

  • Erotic massage

  • Genital mapping and massage (for people of all genders and genital configurations)

  • Guided Masturbation/Masturbation Coaching

  • Ejaculation control through breath work and touch for people with penises

  • Consent and communication games and short exercises



Is sexological bodywork for me?

Sexological Bodywork is for everyone who has a body! Specifically it is for people who want to

  • Learn more about their genitals and sexual anatomy

  • Experience better and more connected sex

  • Connect with their partner(s) and learn to communicate more effectively

  • Assert your boundaries and communicate consent

  • Have more enjoyable orgasms (or orgasm for the first time)

  • Have better control over the length of your orgasm (otherwise known as premature ejaculation)

  • Connect more with their bodies and become more sexually empowered



Seeing a bodyworker doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything ‘wrong’ with you or anything that needs fixing. It simply means that you are wanting to begin or even further your journey to greater sexual embodiment and discovery.

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