• Dion De Rossi

SexToy Reviews: The NomiTang PowerWand

I’ve loved bodywands ever since I first discovered the joy of toy enhanced self love. As someone who needs external stimulation to get off, and a lover of extra strong vibrations I’ve always coveted the infamous Hitachi. The euphemistically named ‘women’s massager’ style vibe has long been a feature of queer and female centred porn but they are surprisingly universal and a great addition to your collection no matter gender, body or identity.

So when the lovely team at Nomitang got in touch and sent me their new PowerWand to try out I was eager to put their claims of super powerful yet discreet, almost silent vibrations to the test!

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that the packaging is gorgeous with a minimalist design that looks more like it belongs to a high end beauty brand than a sextoy. The box is lined with white satin and contains instructions on the toys features, care requirements and a USB cable for charging. The attention to detail makes the wand feel extra luxurious – a perfect reminder that taking responsibility for pleasure in your own hands is fun, powerful and essential.

The wand itself is covered head to toe in deliciously velvety silicon making it gentle on your softest parts – especially when paired with a silicon safe lube. It’s entirely bodysafe, easy to clean and waterproof for those who love taking a bath with their favourite vibe. Something that makes this wand unique is that the head of the wand and despite the super powerful vibes emitted by the head the handle doesn’t vibrate at all, so your hand never gets tired or goes numb!

Although I love the powerful vibrations of a bodywand, most brands tend to be heavy, super loud and often need to be plugged in to a wall making them impractical for travel and limiting the positions you can use them in. This is why the Nomitang PowerWand really stands out to me. Because you can charge the toy through USB port you can take it with you literally anywhere without worrying about an adaptor, it’s perfect to take to parties or even on camping trips. And the blissfully silent vibrations make it perfect for those of us living with thin walls and roommates/family.

The only downside? As a high femme with a taste for the pink and pastel I really wish this came in other colours. Black toys just don’t make my heart skip a beat the way a hot pink does and even though it’s shallow I just can't get behind dull colour schemes when it comes to adding something to my personal collection.

Overall I loved playing with the PowerWand and I’m already eyeing off the better than chocolate vibe for my next purchase!

The Basics • Extremely powerful vibrations

• Head and handle covered with soft medical silicone

• Flexible head

• Touch operation

• 5 vibration patterns, 5 vibration levels

• Very quiet

• Rechargeable, USB charging cable is included

• Waterproof up to one meter


At 89.95 the PowerWand is super budget friendly for a bodysafe good quality toy. Although it’s easy to be seduced by super cheap products it’s important to remember that the cheaper the toy the more likely it is to be made of toxic and easily degradable materials and much more likely to break after just a few uses.

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